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Stage LightsIf you are looking to enhance the experience for your audience for any size production, stage lighting is a very effective way to do that. Whether you just need some colorful lights to brighten up the stage or you need advanced motion lighting, we’ve got a solution for you. From follow spots and beam moving lights to strobe lights and wash moving lights, you will find our lineup of stage lights for sale a great fit to your production. 


Installation & Support

Stage lightingNot only do we have a variety of stage lights for sale, but we will also further help our customers by offering installation services as well. It may seem as simple as hanging lights up, but once you start to get into the complexities of syncing up lighting along with audio or putting together various programs and lighting sequences, it gets complicated and the best route to go is to speak to our professionals. This will help ensure your lighting needs are taken care of properly without mistakes, putting your stage setup in a better position for great success. 


Recent Projects

Many customers have relied on us in the past to provide stage lighting solutions for various sized productions. 

Kenan Taylor Theater Upgrade Dimmer Rack, Rigging, Lighting Console, LED Fixtures, Audio System, Intercoms
Historic Palace Theatre Motorized RCF Line Array. Wireless Rack, Audio Console, Lighting Console, Accent Lights, Intercom
Riviera Theatre ETC Lighting Preset System
Niagara Wheatfield High School Lighting Console, Audio Console, Wireless Rack
Orchard Park Wesleyan Church RCF Fill Speakers & Lighting Fixture Upgrade

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