Our recent installation work includes:

Charles Upson Elementary School Dead-Hung Audio System with Delays, Audio Rack

Harris Hill United Methodist Church

Digital Audio Console, Delay Speakers, Wireless Rack, Mic & Monitor Kit
Kenan Taylor Theater Upgrade Dimmer Rack, Rigging, Lighting Console, LED Fixtures, Audio System, Intercoms
Lockport High School RCF Dual Line Array System with Flown Subwoofers
Historic Palace Theatre Motorized RCF Line Array. Wireless Rack, Audio Console, Lighting Console, Accent Lights, Intercom
Riviera Theatre ETC Lighting Preset System
Tonawanda High School Audio Console & Wireless Rack
Niagara Wheatfield High School Lighting Console, Audio Console, Wireless Rack
Roy-Hart High School Cyc Installation & Projection System
Orchard Park Wesleyan Church RCF Fill Speakers & Lighting Fixture Upgrade

Dimmer Rack